The RELEASE PAPER is one of the basis of the leatherette production, and its function i sto act as support on which are spread the different layers of products and colours that constitute the finished product.

The embossed drawing is in negative. This product is for Arcotex 2000 srl a buttonhole as the embossing cylinders are made by a sister Company, affiliated to the group which includes also Arcotex 2000 srl.
The designs of the papers, developed by ourselves, are original and unique in the market; in our catalogue there are different grades of brightness and production typology. They are suitable for the automotive, shoes and high fashion leather goods sectors. Our papers, with technical embossing, are particularly
used in the sports footwear sector.

Our Company, on demand, offers accessorial services like the manufacturing of embossing cylinders made according to Customer design, the production of leatherette, as well as the product physical-mechanic characterization and quality control. All the above is enabled thanks to our decades experience, to the availability of production system for embossing cylinders used for the PVC and polyurethane spreading.

We are available to assist the Customer in all his demanding, particularly during the new products development, before starting the industrial production.




termoadesivi da stampa

embossing paper




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